What's New?

A place for us to showcase the latest trends, ideas and innovation coming from our specially selected, design focused manufacturers.

So here’s the latest….

  • 6mm Porcelain
    Impressive 6mm Large Format Porcelain

    Size matters, and designers and architects tend to want large format tiles. The issue experienced here is the overall weight of the finished product.

    New technology is now allowing larger formats such at 3000x1500mm tiles to be produced in 6mm thick porcelain. This significantly reduces the weight resulting in easier transportation and fixing without the loss of the stunning aesthetics or strength.
  • Stone Immitation Tiles
    Beautiful Natural Stone Imitations

    There are some truly amazing natural stone replicas being manufactured at the moment also in 6mm larger formats. These fine looking polished porcelains are designed to perfectly replicate the look of book match marble and can also be used to construct unique work surfaces.
  • Maxfine
    MAXFINE is an example of this new technology from premier manufacture Iris FMG. The range offers large  3500x1500mm format floor and wall tiles in 6mm thickness. Perfect for various applications including floors and walls, ventilated façades, worktops and interior design, Maxfine is it is the only product that displays a large surface area with reduced thickness and which is completely polished to guarantee not only an incredible aesthetic quality but also a high resistance to stress.
    Available in 33 colours and 5 surface finishes Maxfine offers a solution with both high aesthetic and technical qualities. ~ Please let us know if you would like to see samples of these products in cut pieces of course!
  • Metro Tile
    METRO, an elegant high tech range evoking the natural stone effect of basaltina with a compact and uniform appearance.
    These 1000x1000x6mm slabs add a modern accent to contemporary environments making it a unique and sophisticated solution to current architectural requirements. The 1000x1000mm size will become increasingly popular as it is more suitable for general installations. Samples are on there way from Italy so let us know if you would like to see this material.
  • Scales Tile
    SCALES, an inspirational new collection designed by the Peronda brand Harmony and Spanish design studio MUT. This has created so much interest from the key architectural practices in London.

    A true innovation and evocative of the vibrancy of fish scales, these hand-decorated tiles have reflective edges in different shades of colour, creating an optical effect of light and glimmers of colour