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Our pledge: to find and the latest challenging products for the design sector ‘fresh from the kilns in Italy’.

We are not the biggest tile supplier, we don’t want to be that. As companies grow and become big they tend to lose the speed to get new products in front of clients. It has to come from the sales and marketing team, be approved by the board. Then the endless marketing of the range starts to happen. We know companies, in our sector, that tell us it takes 12 months from seeing a product to getting it approved, sampled and on the website. I want Diesse to be different to that. I don’t claim we have the best ‘eye’ for product, but we are pretty good. I want the website to be able to attract attention from designers and architects when they want something, different, not too risky and affordable. That’s our goal and i think what sets us apart from others.

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